Portable rotary viscometer acc. to Brookfield Method suitable for production process and for laboratories and research centres any time when quick and reliable determination of viscosity are required.

The most outstanding feature of the portable viscometers VP 1000 M is their user-friendliness. Thanks to this characteristic it becomes an ideal tool to carry out measurements in the own premises during the manufacturing process for batch control.

Viscometers from the VP 1000 M series are very light (1,8kg) already assembled and ready to be used. They offer an important autonomy to the end user because they are battery operated. Two lines digital display with backlight. Viscosity reading is shown in screen together with full scale %. Instrument displays maximum measurement range when selecting spindle.

Instrument is supplied with 6 standard spindles (R2 – R3 – R4 – R5 – R6 – R7) and with a tailor-made measuring vessel, featuring a special anchoring system to ease centering of sample container and preventing vessel to be pushed aside by the rotating forces.

MYR portable viscometer VP 1000 M series is used to measure viscosity in samples from different industrial sectors: chemical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and print among others.

Displayed Data

Speed rpm (depending on the version)
Spindle selected R2 – R7 (R1 as option)
Dynamic viscosity mPas
Full scale percentage %
Full scale range (FSR) mPas
Battery status warning with self-disconnection  

Viscosity Range

ModelSpeedViscosity rangeViscosity range (R1)
VP 1020 M 20 rpm 200-200.000mPas 50-500mPas
VP 1030 M 30 rpm 130-133.300mPas 33-333mPas
VP 1050 M 50 rpm 80-80.000mPas 20-200Pas
VP 1060 M 60 rpm 66.600mPas 16-166mPas
Accuracy ± 2% full scale range    
Repeatability ± 1%    

Technical Details

Alkaline battery 4 x AA/LR6 (6v) 1.900 mAh/Alkaline
Rechargeable battery 4 x AA/R6 (6V) 2.500 mAh/Ni-Mh
Autonomy 24-30 hours non-stop use  
Weight 1.800 g  
Protection IP 20

Scope of Delivery

Basic delivery includes:

  • Viscometer
  • Special measuring vessel
  • Complete set of spindles (R2-R7)
  • Alkaline batteries
  • Calibration certificate
  • Carrying case


Storage Rack

Storage rack allows displaying spindles orderly for easier use. Helps to keep them in perfect condition.


The stand can be used to fix the viscositmeter for easy measurement in the lab.

Spindle Protector

With the spindle protector the VP1000M can be quickly converted into a portable measureing device. No need for beakers, just hold the device into the liquid and get immediately a reading. Ideal for quick measurement of larger containers or in-production quality control.