BRACE CA Certificates


BRACE GmbH emphasizes security and protection of your data and of your communication. For this reason all access to the online pages and services is always performed with SSL transport encryption.


For a secure communication you need to install the BRACE CA in your email program. After this our S/MIME certificates can be imported and the email communication between BRACE and yourself can be fully end-to-end encrypted.

We recommend to use end-to-end encryption for all communication. All communication partners have valid S/MIME certificates signed by the BRACE CA.

The certificate can be downloaded (Windows: PEM/Mac: DER, CA2 PEM/CA2-DER) and installed directly by double-clicking under windows or by importing it in Thunderbird in the certificate manager as Certification Authority. The trust "May identify Mail Owners" shall be given.

Due to the unsafe SHA1 signature, BRACE issued a new root certifcate for all new keys starting 1.1.2020. The old keys are still valid, but we recommend to install the new root CA additionally to allow communication with our new S/MIME certificate.

In some exceptions, like when you IT admin does not allow to install CA certificates of other companies in your email programs, we are able to provide you with alternate S/MIME certificates. Please let us know if this is the case so we can provide you with it.

We also have openPGP public keys available on request.

BRACE CA-Certificates:

    • PEM
    • DER
    • SHA1 Fingerprint: 11:60:48:95:FF:06:36:C8:2B:49:0E:DD:B5:F5:B0:18:5D:CB:E9:CE
    • SHA2 Fingerprint: E2:3D:4A:B9:D1:58:D7:B6:27:8F:­68:2A:F7:D4:53:06:AD:­45:DA:55:DD:21:91:78:­40:9E:C9:F6:61:03:B3:­A1
    • PEM
    • DER
    • SHA1 Fingerprint:


    • SHA2 Fingerprint:



BRACE ISO9001, FSSC22000 and HACCP Certificate

Quality was always an important subject for BRACE. And therefore BRACE is ISO9001, FSSC22000, Ecovadis and HACCP certified.

The current certificates for ISO9001, FSSC22000 and HACCP can be downloaded here.

Acknowledged Training Operation

For BRACE the education of young people is important. Therefore we take active part in the dual-education-system in Germany and train a number of educational level like Chemical Worker and Industrial Business Management Assistant. BRACE is a acknowledged training operation of the Industrie und Handelskammer in Germany.