Case Study - Emulsifier

Emulisifiers are commonly used for various applications as in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutic applications. The solid form of those tend to have a low melting point and a stick surface. If they are pulverized with spray chilling, they tend to bake together after short storage times, leading to difficult dosing and handling. The fine powder also imposes a serious explosion hazard with the fine dust it consists of.

Microspheres that are made with the BRACE Microsphere processes do not have these problems. With finely tunable particle sizes in the accessible range of about 0,1 to several millimeter, they are above the common dust explosive criteria (<0,06 mm for organic material). Due to their shape and extremely narrow size distribution, they are perfectly well suited for transport and dosing processes, as they are flowing like liquids. Last but not least, their spherical form provides very small contact surfaces, so even during long storage no or only very little baking can be seen – which also breaks up easily when movement is applied, e.g. by manual movement of the bags.

A perfect solution to a difficult problem – time to change to a better process!

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