Production Units

For large scale productions beyond the Spherisator Series and Pilot units BRACE offers dedicated production equipment. With capacities above 500 L/h units are classified as Production Units. Those units are typically installed for a well defined set of materials and the production rate can exceed 20,000 L/h. Further extension of the capacity can easily be performed by adding production lines. The modularity that is integral to all BRACE units allows easy extension and inclusion in the control to adopt seamless to future needs. BRACE offers besides the Core-Only (drip casting) scope also Turn-Key Facilities.

As experienced machinery manufacturer well known in Chemistry, Cosmetic, Pharmacy and Food industry, BRACE can hassle-free fullfill requested standards and provide documentation necessary for all imaginable scopes.

Every product is different, as every customer is, so Production Units are designed in close cooperation with the customer to provide the best solution, integrating existing know-how and transferring new know-how to operators, maintainers and supervision staff timely. All this for our ultimate goal: Simply produce good products with outstanding quality.

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